December 18, 2009

Letters to the Editor

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Volunteers, donors continue making Thanksgiving outreach at Terre Haute parish a successful holiday tradition

For 35 years, St. Patrick Parish in Terre Haute has hosted a Thanksgiving dinner in the school cafeteria.

It was begun by a handful of parish members who recognized the need for area residents to have a place to share the holiday with others. In 2002, the dinner was named in honor of the late Ruthmarie (Bauer) Newport, the longtime organizer of the event.

Over the years, our tradition of helping others has spread to offering an opportunity for anyone, regardless of their needs or circumstances, to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast in a community setting.

Members and friends of St. Patrick Parish prepared nearly 60 turkeys and hundreds of desserts beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 25. On Thanksgiving, starting at 5 a.m., a loyal group of volunteers prepared, hosted, served and delivered more than 800 meals to people in the Terre Haute area.

Along with the many generous donors that we rely on each year, who give of their time and help with the expenses, we wish to thank the Terre Haute Fire Fighters Union Local #758 and J. Ford’s Black Angus, who made significant financial contributions this year to help offset the overall expense of the event.

Thanks to Don Seprodi of the Terre Haute Fire Department and to Jeff Ford of Black Angus for thinking of us.

- Dave Grabowski, Pastoral Council President, St. Patrick Parish, Terre Haute

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