November 6, 2009

Christ Our Hope has goal of $6.75 million

By Sean Gallagher

Nov. 7-8 is intention weekend for “Christ Our Hope: Compassion in Community,” the parish and archdiocesan community appeal.

Catholics across central and southern Indiana will be invited at the Masses celebrated in their parishes this weekend to prayerfully consider how they will contribute from their time, talent and treasure to the ministries of their parish and archdiocesan community.

Such shared ministries include the programs of Catholic Charities that help those in need across the archdiocese, the formation of future priests and permanent deacons and the care of retired archdiocesan priests.

The goal for Christ Our Hope is $6.75 million.

Approximately one third of this amount, some $2.2 million, will be dedicated to our outreach parishes that find it difficult to meet their annual ministry needs to the Catholics they serve.

Another 27 percent, or $1.8 million, will be used to support archdiocesan pastoral ministries.

Catholic education, which includes ministry to young adults and college students and school outreach, will receive 25 percent or nearly $1.7 million.

The remaining funds raised through Christ Our Hope, approximately $950,000, will support Catholic Charities and archdiocesan ministry in spiritual life and worship and family and multicultural ministries. †

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