October 2, 2009

Letters to the Editor

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Only Jesus can judge Sen. Edward Kennedy’s life

With lots of sadness, I read the two letters to the editor in the Sept. 18 issue of The Criterion which were critical of the newspaper’s coverage of the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy.

The letter writers expressed, in pharissitical terms, commendation of Sen. Kennedy as a Roman Catholic and public office holder. I wonder if the two writers have looked to see the beam in their own eyes.

Sen. Kennedy was not perfect, and I disagreed with his pro-abortion stand, but he was a fellow Christian, and in many ways practiced Christian values in his personal and political life.

He was a champion for social justice. Only Jesus can judge Sen. Kennedy’s life, not two letter writers from Indiana.

I pray for them and the soul of Sen. Kennedy. God bless and peace.

- Walter Aldorisio, Greenwood


Curriculum helps young people learn and spread pro-life message

On Sept. 11, I was privileged to facilitate the “Choose Life! Unborn Children and the Right to Life” curriculum at St. Michael School in Indianapolis.

This program was compiled and published by the National Catholic Educational Association by request of the late Cardinal John J. O’Connor.

Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein has endorsed and supported it in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis by supplying all parishes with this publication.

After presenting this program, I was made aware of how important it is that Catholic young people have the opportunity to focus upon and understand the Church’s teaching on all life issues.

The right to life of all human beings from conception onward is a fundamental and foundational right. It is the condition out of which all other rights emerge. “Hence, it must be protected above all others” (“Declaration on procured abortion,” #11, Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Nov. 18, 1974).

The students were given five suggestions to do their part in the pro-life struggle and responded immediately. Many participated, along with parents and teachers, in St. Michael’s project “Hands Moving Hearts.”

Four thousand white crosses were set up on the campus of St. Michael Church and school to call attention to the 4,000 unborn babies killed in abortions daily in the United States of America.

Let us teach the young and old people the facts so that they may tell others what happens to an unborn child in abortion.

Once they know and understand, they will speak out as did these students, and women will change their hearts and minds. Babies’ lives will be saved and mothers will be helped.

Let us pray that the young will begin a culture of life, and let us help them do it!

- Peggy J. Geis, Indianapolis


Newspaper sets a tone that promotes a double standard, reader says

It is unfortunate that a parishioner believes it is necessary to express disapproval with the actions of the leaders of the Church.

What was the thinking supporting President Barack Obama speaking from the pulpit at Sen. Edward Kennedy’s funeral?

The senator was a prominent person, but to eulogize a person who brought notoriety and scandal to the Church through his well-known public positions against the teaching of the Church is inappropriate.

The Sept. 18 editorial, “Sex outside of marriage,” is ambiguous and confusing to the faithful, especially young people, when compared to the previous article.

The Criterion sets a tone that there is a double standard, one that accepts the nation’s leading abortion proponents as long as they hold prominent positions in society and another that the teachings of the Church do not apply to some.

Which is misleading to many.

- Emery Mapes, Lawrenceburg

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