August 14, 2009

College Catholics

Seasoned students offer advice to incoming freshmen

Keep an open mind …

Jonathon Maple“I think having an open mind is always important. But having an open mind is different from what you believe. It’s a willingness to listen and trying to understand where others come from.”

Jonathon Maple, a 2007 graduate of Oldenburg Academy of the Immaculate Conception in Oldenburg, now attending Ball State University in Muncie

… but set boundaries.

Elizabeth Flood“Know your morals before you go into college. Because once you get into a situation in college, a lot of people are going to compromise your morals, and you just need to know what you believe.”

Elizabeth Flood, a 2008 graduate of Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, now attending the University of Notre Dame in northern Indiana


Kathryn DelaCruz“Don’t be afraid to stand up for your faith. It may be hard to do so in college, being immersed in a new atmosphere and surrounded by different people … but always remember where you came from and those values you have learned growing up.”

Kathryn DelaCruz, a 2008 graduate of Roncalli High School in Indianapolis, now attending Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis

Go to Mass.

Kathleen LaMagna“It’s easiest to attend Mass if you go with a friend.”

Kathleen LaMagna, a 2008 graduate of Carmel High School in Carmel, Ind., now attending Boston Conservatory


Elizabeth Flood“My dad gave me four pieces of advice before I left for college: Take the stairs, good things happen to good people, boys are creeps and go to Mass. If nothing else, go to Mass. I feel like if you go often enough, eventually it will click.”

Elizabeth Flood

Develop a routine.

Tim Bennett“Study hard but don’t forget to have a good time. Finding the balance is the key to an awesome college experience.”

Tim Bennett, a 2008 graduate of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis, now attending Xavier University in Cincinnati


Kathleen LaMagna“Establish a routine and habit. You have to be disciplined in college. That will set you up for the rest of your life. I think it allows you to live or, at least, it’s a foundation for you to live a life to be proud of.”

Kathleen LaMagna

Stay focused.

Ali Carson“Don’t be naïve. I underestimated college. I thought it would be so easy to continue going to church because I’d been doing it my whole life. And there are temptations not to study. Make sure you stay focused on school and why you are there.”

Ali Carson, a 2008 graduate of Roncalli High School in Indianapolis, now attending Purdue University in West Lafayette

Stay connected.

Danny Shine“You need to find at least one other person that will support you. If you can’t, you need to be calling home. You need a foundation where people will hold you responsible for your actions so that it’s not just you fighting the battle on your own.”

Danny Shine, a 2007 graduate of Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis, now attending Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Maryland as a college seminarian for the Lafayette Diocese †

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