June 26, 2009

Letters to the Editor

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Murder of abortion doctor is wrong, but so is taking of any human life

It is somewhat confusing.

I read in the newspapers and hear on the TV newscasts about so many of the abortion rights groups around the country holding vigils praising Dr. George Tiller after his untimely and sudden death.

There is no question that we should all extend our condolences to his wife and family.

There is also no question that the person who shot Tiller was very wrong and is a murderer who tried, convicted and applied the death penalty all in one act.

True pro-life supporters all know this is very wrong and cannot be condoned. It certainly is not the American way.

Those of us who oppose the death penalty do so because we feel that one killing does not justify another. Only God can create life, and only God has the right to end a life.

Abortionists seem to feel that this does not apply to all lives, especially those in the womb.

It appears that despite the wrong in murdering Tiller, giving praise to him is somewhat like giving praise to a serial killer who did not give his victims a fair chance to live (even though some killings might be legal in the eyes of the courts, who are not God).

Despite the spin that abortion rights people put on this act, each time the act occurs, a life is snuffed out and, in Tiller’s case, according to news accounts, 60,000 lives were snuffed out.

May God show him more mercy than he did the 60,000.

- W.L. O’Bryan, New Albany

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