June 19, 2009

Letters to the Editor

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Plan is example of government taking over our lives

This letter is in reference to the June 5 editorial in The Criterion titled “Let’s back Democratic plan to reduce abortions.”

Who knows what the Pregnant Women Support Act will look like once both houses of Congress finish adding their agendas?

Please explain to me how this act will reduce unintended pregnancies. How can it make adoption any more available than it already is? Do we really need one more hotline? Should taxpayers be forced to pay for all the programs outlined in this act?

When we make it easier and easier for children to have children, all the acts in the world will not lessen pregnancies.

How about the Church preaching abstinence? How about parents taking charge of their children’s sex education rather than allowing schools to do it for them? Doesn’t this say to children that it is OK to get pregnant because we will take care of everything for them?

The whole act sounds to me to be another one of those middle-of-the-road proposals which will end up being a boondoggle for a few people, and will be very ineffective and expensive.

Additionally, it will be just one more instance of the government taking over the lives of the citizens.

- Terry Boaz, Greenville

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