June 12, 2009

My Journey to God

Trail Signs

God is without ears,
and yet He hears the cry
of the lowly and persecuted.

God is without eyes,
and yet He sees the tiny swirls
and whorls in a newborn’s footprint.

God does not smell,
and yet He created the sweet
fragrance of a meadow of wildflowers.

God does not have arms,
and yet he envelopes us with
the tender whisper of a caress.

God does not have feet,
and yet He moves us
to follow Him into the fog.

The trail signs He leaves are unmistakable—
A phone call from a friend,
A good cry with a sister,
A card from a daughter,
A kiss from a beloved,
A prayer with a companion.

By Sandra Hartlieb

(Sandra Hartlieb is a member of St. Lawrence Parish in Indianapolis. This poem was inspired by her experience as a Providence Associate candidate with the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. She made her commitment as a lay associate with the Sisters of Providence in March 2009. Providence Sister Marilyn Herber was her spiritual companion for this lay affiliate process.)

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