May 29, 2009

My Journey to God

Come, Holy Spirit!

Come, Holy Spirit, to end abortions by which life is drawn and asunder torn,
That we may all rise up and be heard in defense of the helpless unborn.
Come, Holy Spirit, to avoid the temptation of indiscreet “posting” our face,
That we may be spared the torment of painful pitfalls in cyberspace.
Come, Holy Spirit, to halt the plague of trafficking in the least,
That we stop innocents’ abduction and exploitation by the “beast.”
Come, Holy Spirit, to cleanse us from obsessive idolatry of goods,
That we embrace His gift of discomfort for the common good.
Come, Holy Spirit, for insight to spurn the distorting lens of drugs,
That we may see eternal truth and beauty in the simplest shrubs.
Come, Holy Spirit, to block the siren’s call in the pop culture bard,
That we applaud the honest labor of daily toil in the vineyard.
Come, Holy Spirit, that embraces the greater family with whom we are raised,
That for the gift of life we unite in giving universal thanks and praise.
Come, Holy Spirit, that our heart, mind and soul proclaim Your mighty deeds,
That it may be done not for selfish wants, but for Your insightful needs.
Come, Holy Spirit, that we disavow and decry chaos among the nations,
That everyone may see the sign of the Cross as the way to salvation.
Come, Holy Spirit, that all in His image seek with faith and conviction His Way,
That we shall not be eternally confounded, but embrace His Cross,
We humbly pray.

By Gary D. Vestermark

(Gary D. Vestermark is a member of St. Louis de Montfort Parish in Fishers, Ind., in the Lafayette Diocese. The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles is described in Acts 2:1-41.)

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