May 22, 2009

My Journey to God

My Friend Grace

I seem to have spent a greater part of my life trying to discover my future.
Tomorrow is a vision overflowing with hope.
While my today slips away, I am reminded of mistakes, blessings and the possibilities.
Todays can be a challenge, yet perhaps are blessings in disguise.
As I strive to seize my special moments, I also desire the calming peace of the known.

Spiritual growth will create an opportunity to live abundantly.
The chances I take, my desires and the relationships that touch my spirit
will never be certain and are sure to change me.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow will expose a friendship that has been presented as a godsend.

When I wasn’t alert and was silent, it all came full circle.
Not that I thought I required or deserved your strength, but your strength was needed
to touch my existence.
A purposeful journey has now been exposed to my soul.

With an open heart, an open mind and with open arms,
the walls came down to love you, my friend.
You are my present, a longing from my past and a desire of certainty in relationship to my future.
I now recognize you; the image is incredibly clear.
I see Integrity.
What an attractive gift—grace.

By Kimberly S. Schiller

(Kimberly S. Schiller is a member of St. Christopher Parish in Indianapolis.)

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