May 15, 2009

175th Anniversary Mass

Top 10 reasons to go to Mass

  1. It’s the most intimate and personal way to make a connection with Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross.
  2. If you knew God would be somewhere, wouldn’t you want to go to see him?
  3. Sure, times are tough, but we all have plenty to be thankful for. Go to Mass to say, “Thanks!”
  4. Some of the greatest people in history were Mass-goers—Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Pope John Paul II.
  5. Want to lower your blood pressure and live longer? Attend Mass. Researchers have discovered a direct link.
  6. People who invest money secure their retirement. People who invest in their prayer life secure eternity.
  7. Life is complicated. Get directions for life at Mass. 
  8. Need someone to talk to? God listens.
  9. It’s the best way to pray for your family and friends.
  10. One of the Ten Commandments instructs, “Make Holy the Sabbath.”

(Reprinted with permission from The Catholic Herald and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wis. To read their evangelization stories, log on to

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