May 15, 2009


Please submit in writing to our office by 10 a.m. Thursday before the week of publication; be sure to state date of death. Obituaries of archdiocesan priests serving our archdiocese are listed elsewhere in The Criterion. Order priests and religious sisters and brothers are included here, unless they are natives of the archdiocese or have other connections to it; those are separate obituaries on this page.

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ADKINS, Barbara Jane (Wilson), 56, St. Joseph, Shelbyville, May 2. Wife of Donald Adkins. Sister of Beverly Adkins, Ricky and Sonny Wilson.

AULBACH, Irene E., 96, St. Michael, Brookville, April 30. Mother of John Aulbach. Sister of Edith Bohlander and Betty Brack. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of six.

BEAR, Louis Howard, 88, Prince of Peace, Madison, April 26. Father of Anita Butler and Janet Glesing. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of 11. Great-great-grandfather of eight.

BUHR, William Henry, 86, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, April 23. Husband of Geneva Buhr. Father of Marta Bailey, Dorothy Matthew, Rebecca Woerner and Rita Young. Grandfather of eight. Great-grandfather of 13.

BURKHART, Richard F., 82, St. Gabriel, Connersville, April 22. Brother of Anna Ratz. Uncle of several.

CHAMBERLAIN, Ruth, 94, St. Andrew, Richmond, April 30. Mother of Jerry Chamberlain. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of four. Great-great-grandmother of one.

CREGOR, Douglas Evan, 60, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, April 26. Husband of Ann Cregor. Father of Christie, Lauren, Jason, Matthew, Nicholas and Reid Cregor. Brother of John and Frank Cregor. Grandfather of two.

CROFTS, Betty Jane, 87, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Indianapolis, April 24. Mother of Patti Gutzmer, Betty Jo Wilson, Joseph and William Crofts. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of two.

ECKERLY, Stella M., 83, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, May 1. Wife of George Eckerly. Mother of Anne Lazarz, Susan O’Donnell, Edward and John Eckerly. Sister of Gertrude Stockman. Grandmother of nine. Great-grandmother of five.

FLEAGLE, Lawana, 78, St. Mary, Richmond, April 30. Mother of Sherry Jeffers, Daniel and David Fleagle. Sister of Janice Jackson. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of three.

GIESTING, Lynn Marie, 55, St. Mary, Rushville, April 26. Wife of Thomas Giesting. Mother of Paul and Robert Giesting. Daughter of Georgia Bredewater. Sister of John and Larry Bredewater.

GOHMANN, David E., 94, St. Mary, New Albany, May 2. Husband of Kathleen Gohmann. Father of Victoria Dodge, Paul and Stephan Gohmann. Brother of Joseph Gohmann. Grandfather of eight.

GOLDSMITH, Paul C., Sr., 76, St. Louis, Batesville, May 2. Husband of Vivian Goldsmith. Father of Dawn Giltz, Beverly Goldsmith-Bowling, David, Douglas and Paul Goldsmith Jr. Brother of Lorraine Foster. Grandfather of 12. Great-grandfather of 14.

GREEN, Jerry D., 83, St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg, April 29. Husband of Wanda Green. Father of Tina Magee, Jodie Green-Jerger, Maria and Brian Green. Brother of Ruth Stegemiller and Bob Green. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of one.

HAMPTON, Michael, 55, Holy Family, Richmond, May 3. Husband of Becky Hampton. Father of Vicki Browning, Rebecca and Matt Hampton. Brother of Butch Hampton. Grandfather of three.

HAND, Charles Lee, 75, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, April 27. Husband of Helena Hand. Father of Mary Beth and Larry Hand. Grandfather of one.

HENDRICKSON, Dora, 81, St. Mary, North Vernon, April 23. Mother of Diana Mezzanotte. Sister of Rosie Ketcham, Mary Kriete, Evelyn Stanley and George Hendrickson. Grandmother of two.

JUERLING, Timothy, 53, St. Andrew, Richmond, May 2. Son of Lucille Juerling. Brother of Frances Clark, Lu Dilly, Theresa Paulette, Margaret Ross, Kathleen Senese and Larry Juerling.

KEMPF, Alvin G., 91, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, April 28. Father of Donna Cull, Sherry Osborne and Michael Kempf. Brother of Margaret Bode, Ginger McKune, Mary Jean, Ruth and R.E. Kempf. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of 11.

LaPINTA, Martha Jane, 88, St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis, March 26. Mother of Judith Wirtz and Charles LaPinta. Grandmother of one.

LEIST, Paul J., 69, Holy Family, New Albany, April 25. Husband of Janet (Moore) Leist. Father of Patricia Cravens, Paula Wendt and Michael Leist. Brother of Mary Jefferies and Bob Leist. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of one.

NOLOT, Shirley Ann, 67, St. John the Baptist, Starlight, May 5. Mother of Pamela Adam, James and Joseph Nolot Jr. Sister of Paul and Robert Schladant. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of one.

RAYMANN, Sharon Lee, 74, St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis, March 29. Wife of Joseph Raymann. Mother of Vicky Martin, Peggy Jo Ridgway, Connie Stradling, Joseph and Thomas Raymann. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of nine.

ROBINETT, Ruth, 73, Good Shepherd, Indianapolis, April 30. Mother of Jacqueline, Renee, Christopher, Mark, Matthew and Scott Robinett. Sister of James and Thomas Hayes. Grandmother of 14. Great-grandmother of nine.

ROTH, William F., 88, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, April 23. Brother of Joan Holzer. Uncle of several.

SALLEE, Rita J., 49, St. Mary, Greensburg, April 27. Wife of Donald Sallee. Mother of Kathi Jo Sallee, Pamela Taylor, Katrina, David and Harold Powers. Sister of Mary Brogan, Angela Miller, Dot Perkins, Andy, Art, Donald, Harold, Jacob and Ray Powers. Grandmother of nine.

SCHMELZ, Charles Lee, 46, St. Mary, Lanesville, May 1. Son of Martha Schmelz. Brother of Daniel, Ted and Timothy Schmelz. Grandson of Mary Heinze.

SHOCKLEY, M. Therese (Quinn), 78, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Indianapolis, April 22. Mother of Mary Anne Black. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of five.

SPAETH, George, 80, St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis, April 10. Husband of Clara (Hyle) Spaeth. Father of Cara Geary. Grandfather of five.

SPRINKLE, Leo, 80, Holy Cross, St. Croix, April 8. Husband of Polly Sprinkle. Father of Paul and Steve Sprinkle. Brother of Phyllis Tallmon. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of two.

STEIN, Beverly Rae, 76, St. Margaret Mary, Terre Haute, April 29. Daughter of Austin Lewis. Mother of Rebecca Cunningham, Elizabeth Hutchins, George Broderick, Scott and Thomas Stein IV. Grandmother of 12.

TEEPE, Eleanor T., 81, Good Shepherd, Indianapolis, April 30. Mother of Cindy Scott, Alfred, Donald, George, John, Robert and Thomas Greer. Sister of Patricia Kloss, Annette Lentz, James and Robert Prestel. Grandmother of 14. Great-grandmother of nine.

TEUFEL, Herschel H., 82, St. Michael, Brookville, May 2. Husband of Lucille Teufel. Father of Connie Bruns and Becky McClung. Grandfather of eight. Great-grandfather of 12.

THIERY, Emma, 90, St. Augustine, Leopold, April 15.

THINNES, Norma J., 72, Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove, April 18. Wife of Charles Thinnes. Mother of Beth Page, Diane Purcell and Charles Thinnes. Sister of Carol Langwasser and Kenneth Schaefer. Grandmother of 12. Great-grandfather of eight.

VOI, Anthony J., 83, Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove, April 21. Husband of Doris Voi. Father of Jeaneen Baker, Joan Chase, Joyce Kaiser, Julie Shaw, Jennifer and Timothy Voi. Brother of Theodora Caito. Grandfather of 18. Great-grandfather of nine.

WELCH, Marie M. (Clossey), 94, St. Susanna, Plainfield, April 26. Mother of Margaret Coll, Patricia Grundy and Mary Skinner. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of 11.

WILHELM, Betty C., 74, St. Gabriel, Connersville, April 24. Mother of Susan Moore and Carl Wilhelm III. Sister of Mary Badinghaus, Al and Hank Tallarigo. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of one.

WITHEM, Teresa Marie, 44, St. Roch, Indianapolis, April 23. Wife of Stephen Withem. Daughter of Margaret (Wilson) Ruth. Sister of Mary Feldhake, Ann and Michael Ruth. †

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