May 8, 2009

My Journey to God

Prayer for A Loved One

Bless him sleeping, bless him waking,
Bless him in his thoughts and making.
Bless him when he sits and stands;
Hold him in your keeping hands.

Bless his coming and his going,
Bless his knowing and not knowing.
Bless him largely, bless him small,
Let Your Presence be his All.

Bless his wanderings, keep from harm;
Bless his angel’s sheltering arm.
Bless his good times, and his bad,
Bless him happy, bless him sad.

Bless him, Lord, far from this place;
Bless him over time and space.
Bless him fleeing, bless him near,
Hold evermore this soul so dear.

By Linda Abner

(Linda Abner is a member of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Indianapolis.)

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