April 17, 2009

My Journey to God

Easter Morning Encounter

Eagerly journeying to the garden tomb,
finding it unguarded,
the stone no longer protecting
the body of the One
who alone knew my heart.

Fearful uncertainty gasped aloud,
palpitating heart aflutter with confusion,
almost afraid to hope that the promised
Resurrection might now be truth.

Bewildered, shrouded in the morning mist,
I stood isolated in my grief ...
till on the wings of the gentlest breeze
my name resounded in my ears ...
only One had ever called me thus before.

Turning, my eyes beheld pure light,
pure love emanating from a transformed body.
There could be but one response ...
a silence-shattering “Alleluia!”

By Sister Susan Marie Lindstrom, O.S.B.

(Benedictine Sister Susan Marie Lindstrom is a member of Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Beech Grove.)

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