April 10, 2009

My Journey to God


Dear Lord, the load is so heavy
And I have lost my way.
I stumble through the dark valley.
I find it hard to pray.

Unending pain engulfs me
Like an ever-swirling river.
Is there no surcease from this suffering?
Must I go on like this forever?

I grow weary trying day by day
To cope with growing despair
That hovers over me like a dark cloud
And banishes hope out there.

So many times I’ve asked you, Lord,
To listen to my plea:
I find it hard to carry on.
Please take this cross from me.

You who control the galaxies,
And set the moon and stars in place,
I know it is within your power
To heal me by your grace.

But remembering how you suffered
On the road to Calvary,
And hung on that bitter cross
To save someone like me,

From the depths, I now surrender
My life to your loving care.
Not my will, but Thine be done
In answer to my prayer.

By Hilda L. Buck

(Hilda L. Buck is a member of St. Lawrence Parish in Lawrenceburg. She wrote this poem for “a family member who has been suffering from what seems to be an incurable medical problem.”)

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