March 27, 2009

My Journey to God

Lenten Meditations

Heaven Help Us

Our prayers should never cease,
Our words speak lasting trust.
Our faith is our salvation,
Our path through earthly dust.

God grants us ample help,
He marks the path with care.
God will not desert us,
As long as there’s a prayer.

Hearts Across the Heavens

We cannot hand them daily bread—
Our leavened prayers must rise instead,
Then fall like manna from above,
Each whispered prayer a slice of love.

Though earthly paths are far apart,
There is a joining at the heart,
A force revealing prayer’s disguise
That heals the stare of hollow eyes.

When My Feet Hurt

When my feet hurt
It cannot be
Because I walked
To Calvary,
Nor did I feel
The hammer’s blow,
Each cruel nail—
I only know
When my feet hurt
It brings to mind
What he endured
For humankind.

By Dorothy M. Colgan

(Dorothy M. Colgan is a member of St. Meinrad Parish in St. Meinrad.)

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