March 20, 2009

Letters to the Editor

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Immigration story fails to answer relevant questions, reader says

In regard to the story in the Feb. 27 issue of The Criterion concerning Senate Bill 580, it was interesting to see how things were ignored in the article.

  1. We now have a very high unemployment rate of U.S. citizens in this country. Please tell me how cities in northwest Indiana would “collapse” if the illegal individuals were sent home and these jobs given to our own citizens.
  2. People who got driver’s licenses with forged/stolen identification are now being denied renewal of these licenses. Isn’t that correcting a mistake that should never have occurred?
  3. Some officers are being castigated for deporting illegal individuals. Father Thomas Fox says these people have committed no crime. Isn’t coming into the country illegally and using stolen/forged documents illegal?
  4. Immigration is an issue for all of us since the federal government is supposed to answer to us. What is attorney Angela Adams and the law firm of Lewis & Kappes doing to protect the citizens of this country while ensuring an update of our immigration laws? And which do they feel comes first?
  5. This is to the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church: When does it become wrong (a sin) to break a law? It obviously is not when you enter a country illegally. Is it when, not being able to afford the stolen/forged documents, you bring across a bag or two of heroin to pay for them?

Where is the line drawn? Does the end now justify the means? And what happened to Christ’s teaching about avoiding scandal (Mt 18:6-7)?

That is still in my Bible; is it no longer in yours?

- Richard A. White, Vevay

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