March 6, 2009

Be Our Guest / Gary Diehl

Legalized killing of innocent children will continue us on path of self-destruction

Recently, I had the ghastly experience of viewing an abortion procedure that had been recorded within the mother’s womb. I also viewed the results of this and several other abortions as well.

It was not something that I wanted to watch, but felt was necessary in order to share the truth about this horrific procedure.

Though it was what I expected, it was far worse than any documentary I have seen of war or the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

I could not perceive a “physician” performing such a procedure. I was outraged and mournful, with these emotions cycling over and over.

If the truth of abortion were to be broadcast on television, the debate would be over, and ended once and for all. The killing of innocent human lives, tiny arms and legs the size of a dime severed from their body with minute detail of fingers and toes, is a vision that I will not soon forget.

The expression on the baby’s face depicted the horrific torture, and I understood the “silent scream.” This is the most profound atrocity committed against God and humanity.

How long do you think our Creator will allow such destruction of his greatest gift of love? How long will he allow us to “spit in his face” and destroy his unique human creations? I pray not much longer. Our punishment actually began over three decades ago, but the majority of the American people were not even aware.

The last 36 years have brought us to our current economic crisis. We have taught our children greed, instant gratification regardless of cost, violence, immorality and pornography, and they all relate to the legalization of abortion, which is a total disrespect for life and the worst oppression against humanity.

By his action, President Barack Obama has confirmed what I have believed from the beginning of his campaign for presidency.

During his first week in office, his actions resulting in the allocation of hundreds of millions of dollars to support abortion, not only in the United States but also in foreign countries, has revealed his true priority.

How does funding abortion, especially in another country, help Americans who have lost their home or job? He has been true to his word, but how does this help our people in this economic crisis? If we don’t stop our own terror of genocide, we will never recover.

If the “Freedom of Choice Act” becomes law and we do not stop the legalized killing of innocent children, we will surely continue on our path of self-destruction.

Many of our leaders do not realize that our children are our greatest national treasure.

(Gary Diehl lives in Lawrenceburg, and is a member of St. Nicholas Parish in Ripley County.)

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