February 27, 2009

My Journey to God

A Challenge

There is somebody out there,
somebody who needs help
more than you.

The boy at school,
bullied and taunted
by people who are cruel,
needs a friend, a smile and a joke
to know he’s not alone
and that there is hope.

The lady at the bus stop,
carrying bags full of groceries
to bring to her family.
It’s rainy, it’s cold,
and the plastic marks her arms,
but she stands there as
people drive by in their vans.

The elderly person at church
who is alone and faithfully
goes up to Communion
every Sunday.
His clothes are scruffy and worn,
not the type of person
you want to shake hands with
at the moment of “peace.”

There are many people
in our lives like that,
unassuming, unimportant,
who could fall right off the map.

Because they are not part of our world,
we dismiss them as invisible,
hardly worth noticing at all.

I throw down a challenge to you.
I guarantee that you know what to do.
Truly think about that person who
desperately needs help
then take it upon yourself
with God’s guidance and love.
He will show you the way
and you will become the angel
that person prayed for today.

By Nicola Rose Vogel

(Nicola Rose Vogel is a member of St. Bartholomew Parish in Columbus.)

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