February 6, 2009

Letters to the Editor

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Prayer to end abortion needed now more than ever

I’d like to thank John Fink and Archbishop Buechlein for their articles on Respect for Life issues. We need more people to stand up on these issues.

My wife and I participated in the March for Life last week, and the speakers gave the sad but true facts on abortion and the pending legislation to curb this atrocity. And our local media gave us just a “postage stamp” size account in the paper.

The mainstream media gives a lot of coverage to the Iraq war and the number of combat-related deaths, but they completely ignore the fact that there are so many abortions in our country. The U.S. count from abortion (25,000 each week) is over 1 million a year.

Since the majority of the press continues to ignore this national horror, it’s time for us to take things in our own hands. We need to bring this fact to the attention of all and pray for an end to it. It’s imperative that we pray harder now since we have a pro-abortion administration.

I have a suggestion for a petition in the prayers of the faithful at every Mass: “For President Obama, that he be enlightened to recognize the intrinsic evil of abortion and work to safeguard the God-given right to life from conception to natural death. Let us pray to the Lord.”

Or this petition: “For the 25,000 babies killed by abortion each week and for their parents. Let us pray to the Lord.”

- Al Scheller, Elizabethtown

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