January 23, 2009

My Journey to God

Apostle to the Gentiles

Admired for his missionary work and personal transformation,
His transformation was the greatest gift far surpassing his gifts.
From the time of his dramatic conversion, he kept the faith.
He left the man of hate behind and became a man of love.
Apostle to the Gentiles

Beaten, stoned, jailed and maligned, he became all the stronger.
He taught people how to love each other by the love of Christ.
He teamed up with Barnabas to build up the Church of God,
Showing others how to grow in holiness as a Church family.
Apostle to the Gentiles

Paul was one of a kind set apart for God in every way.
From his calling, he brought the Gospel to both Jews and Gentiles.
With his followers, he became a master builder of the Church.
He kept the faith and he won the race, never wavering from faith.
Apostle to the Gentiles

He drank of the wine of God and then gave it away to others,
Established early small churches and eucharistic celebrations,
Preached and evangelized to the far corners of the known world.
Martyrdom was both his fate and a gift from God on high.
Apostle to the Gentiles

By Thomas J. Rillo

(Thomas J. Rillo is a member of St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Bloomington and a Benedictine oblate of Saint Meinrad Archabbey. He was inspired to write this poem in commemoration of Pope Benedict XVI’s declaration of the Year of St. Paul. The jubilee year dedicated to the saint began on June 28, 2008, and concludes on June 29, 2009.)

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