November 14, 2008

My Journey to God

Deus Et Homo (God and Man)

“Believe,” He said. I walked away
To live my life, to work, to play.
“You just don’t seem to comprehend
That You’re divine and I am man.”

And then You said, “Come follow Me.”
“How can I do this? Can’t You see
That it’s not possible to be
A full-fledged God-like entity?”

“Beloved child, pay heed to me,
That under this divinity
A human being lived and died.
I was a child. I laughed. I cried.”

“I ­grew to manhood, worked with wood.
A small shop in our neighborhood
Belonged to Joseph, Mary’s spouse,
A Nazarine of David’s house.”

“When I was almost thirty-three
I knew the time had come for Me
To leave my home and family
And thus fulfill my destiny.”

“Redemption done—now I was free!
I’d lived out every prophesy
About my life and death on Earth,
My resurrection—my rebirth.”

“So follow Me. This you can do
With little effort. Yes, it’s true.
Obey the laws of God and man,
The Ten Commandments—understand?”

“The Sacred Scriptures are the key
To all you ever need to be.
Believe the words—they’re mine, you see.
The Bible’s my biography.”

By Marcella L. Heilig

(Marcella L. Heilig is a member of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Aurora.)

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