March 21, 2008

Peer mentors discuss value of A Promise to Keep program

Johnny Harkey“I chose to be a mentor because A Promise to Keep promotes great morals and lifestyles that I can relate to. I enjoy and appreciate the program so much. … My [public grade] school did not have A Promise to Keep. Now that I am a mentor, I can make sure that kids will have this program to guide them. A Promise to Keep has prepared me for the future challenges in college. It has also strengthened my values so that I am a better person and will make the right decisions.”

- Johnny Harkey, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School junior, Indianapolis


Frank Therber“Through the A Promise to Keep program, students have an equal opportunity to learn about God’s message of chastity from dedicated high school students who live this calling throughout their daily lives. … Programs such as A Promise to Keep are always there for a sort of ‘refuge’ from secular pressures. While the world may change, God’s message does not.”

- Frank Therber, Father Thomas Scecina Memoral High School senior, Indianapolis


Amy Dickman“I joined Cathedral’s A Promise to Keep program as a junior because I believe that by saving myself for my husband I am giving him the best gift I can offer. … I have discovered that chastity is not just about saving sex for marriage. Chastity is about how I live my life on a daily basis, even when no one is watching. … Talking with the younger students about real love is always an adventure. … I have come to see myself and other members of A Promise to Keep as true leaders and role models to both the middle schoolers we teach and friends within our peer group. … I believe I am ready and well prepared to face whatever challenges [that] college brings me through what I have learned in the A Promise to Keep program.

- Amy Dickman, Cathedral High School senior, Indianapolis


Michael Zimmerman“I chose to be a mentor for A Promise to Keep because I was encouraged by my older sister, and I also wanted to help inform others about the consequences of premarital sex. I have really enjoyed working with the students, and encouraging them to practice self-control and make the correct choices. A Promise to Keep has greatly strengthened my conviction to stay abstinent. It has given me the tools I need to achieve God’s plan of saving myself for marriage. I believe this program does a great job in establishing a solid foundation for the students to remain chaste, and I am honored to be a part of A Promise to Keep.

- Michael Zimmerman, Bishop Chatard High School senior, Indianapolis


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