March 14, 2008

Meet our future deacons

John ThompsonJohn Thompson

  • Age: 65
  • Spouse: Patti
  • Home Parish: St. Augustine Parish in Jeffersonville
  • Occupation: Coordinator of Family Ministries at St. Augustine Parish

Who are the important role models in your life of faith?

Some of the important role models in my life were past parish priests at St. Augustine, and the nuns that taught me in grade school and high school. But the most important role models in my life were my parents. Even though my dad was not a Catholic, he would drive my mom and me 20 miles every Sunday to church. He was a great man who loved me and my mom very much. He died when I was 9 years old. My mother was the one who did all she could to make my faith grow to where it is today.

What are your favorite Scripture verses, prayers and devotions?

My favorite Scripture verse has to be from 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13:1-13. “Love is patient, love is kind. … ” This entire chapter has always touched me in a special way because this is the love that married couples should have for each other. A prayer that I say every day is the novena prayer to St. Augustine, the patron saint of my parish.

How will being ordained a deacon have an impact on your life and family?

Being ordained a deacon will have a tremendous impact on my life and my family. One thing that will help me in my ministry as a deacon is that for the past 26 years my wife, Patti, and I have been involved in church ministry together at St. Augustine and St. Anthony of Padua parishes in Clarksville, where she was the full- time youth minister for seven years. During this time, we have worked through many difficult issues and have learned the art of compromise.

How do you hope to serve through your life and ministry as a deacon?

I hope to serve my parish and my community to the best of my ability. Many of the areas of ministry that I am currently involved in I will continue, and there are a few new ones I can see myself being involved with in the future. No matter how I serve or what I do, I will try to the best of my ability to do the best I can.†

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