January 25, 2008

Catholic Schools Week Supplement

Heavenly advice from priests

“What is one piece of advice you have for a high school student to get into heaven?”

That’s one of the questions that Tyler Mayer asked his freshman religion students to ask their parish priests after a weekend Mass.

Here are some of the answers that priests gave the students at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis:

  • “Strive to live a life like Christ, and to show true love to your God and neighbor through the sacraments.”
  • “Pray each day, more than just the Hail Mary or Our Father. Talk with God and thank him.”
  • “Keep going to Mass and pray. Do the corporal works of mercy.”
  • “Love God, love your neighbor, be patient and trust in God.”
  • “Stay close to God, and be faithful to your religion.” †

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