January 25, 2008

Archbishop asks for prayers for his recovery

When did Archbishop Buechlein learn that he had cancer?

During the week of Jan. 13, Archbishop Buechlein sought medical attention after experiencing an unusual amount of fatigue and noticing a swelling under his right arm. After several medical tests, he received a report on Jan. 18 that he has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer affecting the lymph nodes.

What is the prescribed treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma?

After further tests are conducted to determine the extent that the lymph nodes are malignant, it is expected that chemotherapy will be used to destroy the malignant cells and tissue. This has been a highly effective method of treatment.

What are the expected side effects of chemotherapy?

Each person responds differently to treatment, but it is expected that one of the main side effects will be fatigue.

How will the Hodgkin’s lymphoma affect Archbishop Buechlein’s ministry?

This will depend in part on how well Archbishop Buechlein responds to the treatment. To some degree at least, the archbishop’s normal routine will be curtailed, but it remains to be seen to what extent.

rrangements are already being made to make sure that, for the most part, life in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis goes on as usual.

What can I do?

Archbishop Buechlein has asked that people pray for his recovery. †


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