September 28, 2007

My Journey to God

The Crooked Road

The map is placed on the dash.
A guide, a reference point.
Necessary things for the trip are packed.

The directions seem straightforward,
Darkness is falling.
A faint mist is in the air
As the sky turns golden.
Beauty is everywhere.

The trip is going well, I think.
The turning points well defined.
Twists and turns of the road are not marked on the map.
Chuckholes and loose gravel send the body swaying.
Turn at the iron gate.
Not found!
Back up. Turn around.
Darkness falls.

The map is in my hand,
A guide as plain as day,
And yet,
As often as not, I lose my way.
Oh God,
My loving Savior,
Be my healer and my guide
As I ride the crooked road of life
To be at your side.

By Trudy Bledsoe

(Trudy Bledsoe is a member of St. Christopher Parish in Indianapolis and the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites at the Monastery of the Resurrection in Indianapolis.)

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