September 21, 2007

Father-child trip to Chicago enhances family relationship

By John Shaughnessy

As a dad and daughter, Rick and Katie Richmond enjoy the special bond that develops when they do wood-

working projects together.

They have the same feeling of closeness when they take the annual father-child trip to Chicago that they make through Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis.

“I’ve gone three times so far, and I’ll be going a fourth time this year,” says Katie, 18, a senior at Brebeuf. “My dad works a lot so it’s fun to spend time with him, doing whatever we want—shopping, going to museums. Chicago has a lot to do. We always go to lunch at the same place. I love it.”

So does her father, who is the

chairman of the Brebeuf committee that is organizing the weekend trip to Chicago in February.

“The first time I went was when Katie was a freshman and our older daughter, Maggie, was a senior,” Richmond says. “We talk at lunch, go to dinner by ourselves. It’s just nice to have the time alone with them. You get closer to your kids. That’s why you’re doing it.”

Katie says the trip enhances what she already believes is a great relationship with her dad.

“I know for a lot of kids they don’t get to do things like this too often,” she says. “A lot of kids look forward to spending time with their father. It does bring us closer. And it’s a lot of fun.” †


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