August 24, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Column belies truth behind the Latin Mass

Father Peter Daly’s recent Catholic News Service column gave a twist to the old ad hominem technique of knocking one’s opponent rather than his argument.

Instead, he uncharitably derided all of us who celebrate the return of the Latin Mass by claiming that at a neighboring parish this quickie Latin Mass is poorly attended by old fogeys who like to keep to themselves.

This belies everything I have read about it.

- Colleen Butler, Indianapolis

Father Daly’s column lacks respect for Latin Mass

My name is Frank Johantges. I live in Indianapolis and receive The Criterion every week.

I attend Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary’s Latin Mass in Indianapolis. I just read the column by Father Peter Daly, how he ripped the Latin Mass apart when it used to be such a big part of the Church.

It shows no respect at all toward the Latin Mass or the parishioners that attend it.

You would not put in your paper anything negative about the Muslim faith or any other Christian faith.

You are always teaching tolerance about others’ beliefs and here you go tearing the Latin Mass down by allowing this column in this paper.

Indirectly, I believe you are supporting putting down the Latin Mass.

- Frank Johantges, Indianapolis

Stories on youths are very much appreciated

For the second straight week, I find myself thoroughly enjoying reading about some of our youths in the archdiocese per an article written by John Shaughnessy.

Thanks for the great way in which you are reaching out to feature our youth in the archdiocese in The Criterion.

For a long time, I have found The Criterion to be overloaded with theological articles, and very little about our schools and our youth.

I can and have learned from some of the theological writings, but find the paper much more interesting and readable when it is balanced with some “kid” stuff!

A special thanks for the great piece on Roncalli High School’s Summer Field Studies program.

As a parent and a principal, I can tell you the program is making a lifelong positive impact on the young (and not so young) in the archdiocese.

Keep up the great work!

- Chuck Weisenbach, Indianapolis

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