August 17, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Faith can be intellectually or doctrine-oriented, or quite simple

Although I am not a cradle Catholic, I do practice my faith and am an avid reader of The Criterion.

Regarding Jack Fink’s editorial concerning “One True Church” in the Aug. 3 issue, I found the references to syndicated columnist Roland Martin interesting, in that during his 25 years as a Catholic, he learned nothing about the Scriptures.

I am a former Methodist who was thoroughly immersed in religious studies, as well as philosophy.

My Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults instruction at St. Mary Parish in Aurora was superb, consisting of every facet of my faith.

Faith can be intellectually or doctrine-oriented interpreted, but it can also be quite simple.

I prefer not to get my information about the Church from secular media.

Your articles and overall content of The Criterion are absorbing reading.

- John McClain, Dillsboro

Reader: God alone knows who will achieve salvation

After reading the editorial by John Fink (“One True Church”) in the Aug, 3 issue of The Criterion, I was surprised and deeply disappointed.

I have been a practicing Catholic for 48 years, and have never heard that Catholics believe we are “the one true Church” to salvation, and that “sanctifying elements also exist in other faith communities” (with “defects”) but derive their value from the Catholic Church.

I love our Catholic faith and have always been an ardent, outspoken supporter of our Church.

I even wrote to The Indianapolis Star and syndicated columnist Roland Martin regarding the blatant Catholic bashing in The Star in their July 14 issue, but when I read editorials like Mr. Fink’s, I just cringe.

When our Catholic Church has such a self-righteous and better-than-thou attitude, we will never earn respect from non-Catholic Christians.

Editorials like Mr. Fink’s leave no doubt why there is prejudice against us.

As people of faith, who love and serve the Lord, is that what we want?

John 3:16 says anyone who believes in Jesus will have eternal life, and John 6:40 says “… everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life.”

God alone knows who will achieve salvation. Let’s leave it at that.

- Kathy Staton, Indianapolis

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