July 13, 2007

My Journey to God


Gigantic caldera just below the surface
God’s love hidden but felt
Ready to explode like Old Faithful
Hot like fire—smoldering ready
Then in a great explosion—like a giant geyser
It erupts and His love appears—Jesus His Son.
But all around His love is seen
In geysers—small, colorful, blues and reds
And pools of clear water flow—oh so gently
Down to a rippling river.
His love we receive in calm or agitated water
Disturbed by stones, logs, debris.
His love fills us, envelopes us
And we become peaceful—serene.

Scarcely able to take this in
The tall green stately pines call me
All green, pointing to our Lord above
Calling me to stand straight and tall.
Be not afraid—like these mighty pines
Growing from soil rich or thin.
I too can bear it all.
Becoming calm—
Filled with the awesomeness of God’s love—
The blue sky above, the falls overflowing, the lake so large
I simply love and praise and thank the Lord
For Yellowstone.

By Father Thomas Stepanski

(Father Thomas Stepanski, a diocesan priest who retired in 2004 and formerly served as pastor of Mary Queen of Peace Parish in Danville, wrote this poem during an 11-day vacation spent visiting National Parks in the West.)

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