June 22, 2007

My Journey to God

Life Without

Life without Jesus is
No life at all.
Life without prayer has
No hope at all.
Life without spirit is
So dark and dull.
Life without love has
No sunshine at all.
Life without faith is
Nothing at all.

Let’s lift up our hearts
And care for all.
Let’s bring sunshine in
By loving all.
Let’s say a little prayer
And give hope to all.
Let’s give our life meaning
By forgiving all.

Jesus died for us
To forgive us all
Life without Jesus is
No life at all.
Look up and give a smile
To thank Him for all.
It was His way of showing
He cares for us all.

And without His care,
What would life be?
Life without sharing
Is lonely and despaired.
A life with loneliness
Is like a life without His care.
So during your life,
Give hope and a prayer
So the Lord can continue
To give life to all.

By Diana Mayer

(Diana Mayer is a member of St. Rose of Lima Parish in Franklin.)

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