March 30, 2007

My Journey to God

I Am Your Own

God, shine Your light upon me,
Hold me safe within Your power,
Comfort me in times of need,
Wash me in Your innocence,
Clothe me in Your love,
Lead me when I’m lost,
Broaden the path I walk.

Within stillness, soothe my soul,
Soften my heart to hear Your call,
Your voice drifts silent upon the wind,
Filling me with guidance from Your breath,
Within the breeze, Your love floats free,
Your presence embraced in each daily test,
Your blessed Spirit mingles with my soul.

From this moment forward ...
I am Your own.

By Angela Patrice Hruban

(Angela Patrice Hruban of Morgantown is a member of St. Agnes Parish in Nashville.) †

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