March 23, 2007


Please submit in writing to our office by 10 a.m. Thursday before the week of publication; be sure to state date of death. Obituaries of archdiocesan priests serving our archdiocese are listed elsewhere in The Criterion. Order priests and religious sisters and brothers are included here, unless they are natives of the archdiocese or have other connections to it; those are separate obituaries on this page.

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AUSTERMAN, James, 59, St. Andrew, Richmond, Feb. 19. Husband of Jean Austerman. Father of Ben and Jim Austerman. Brother of Delores Hawkins and Jane Randley. Grandfather of four.

BAILEY, Robert Eugene, 79, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, March 11. Husband of Evelyn Bailey. Father of Tim Bailey. Brother of Betty Walker. Grandfather of four.

BERFANGER, Robert Joseph, 58, St. Luke, Indianapolis, March 7. Husband of Elizabeth Berfanger. Father of Michelle and Rebecca Berfanger.

BILTZ, Emma R., 87, Holy Family, Oldenburg, March 12. Mother of Margo Dietz, Ann Obermeyer, David and Michael Biltz. Grandmother of 13. Great-grandmother of 18.

BYERLEY, Mary Margaret, 87, Holy Family, New Albany, March 12. Mother of Paula Chandler, Sharon Freiberger, Veronica Hardie, Benedictine Sister Karen Byerley, Gary, Keith, Ron, Stanley and Steve Byerley. Sister of Herbert Ellenbrand. Grandmother of 18. Great-grandmother of nine.

CONCANNON, Rose M., 78, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, Feb. 25. Wife of Philip Concanon. Mother of Marianna Teague and Philip Concannon. Sister of Rita Morris. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of four.

FAUST, Edward C., 85, Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove, March 4. Husband of Winona (Freed) Faust. Father of Adiene Wright, Carol, David and Michael Faust. Brother of Delores, Donald and Larry Faust. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of six.

GABE, Carole L., 65, Prince of Peace, Madison, March 12. Wife of Charles Gabe. Mother of David and Ed Gabe.

GRANTZ, Mary Edith, 82, Holy Family, New Albany, March 10. Wife of William Grantz. Mother of Therese Beal, Diane Hauswald and Raymond Grantz. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of three.

GRUNKEMEYER, Raymond H., 90, St. Mary-of-the-Rock, Franklin County, March 14. Father of Helen Reverman, Alma Simmermeyer and Jane Vierling. Grandfather of 10. Great-grandfather of 23.

HUNNICUTT, Christine, 91, St. Anne, New Castle, March 5. Mother of Bill Hunnicutt. Sister of Madonna Addison and Kathleen Collier. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of two.

HUTH, William F., 78, Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove, Feb. 20. Husband of Dorothy F. (Hagan) Huth. Father of Ellen Bailey, Janet Shearer, Steve and William Huth. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of eight.

KORTE, Liz, 59, St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyds Knobs, March 12. Sister of Helen Atkins, Mary Klotz, Margaret Schafer, Alma Schneller, Charles, Ray and Tony Korte.

LANGEVIN, Ada, 91, St. Mary, Richmond, March 10. Mother of Larry, Ronald, Virgil and Warner Langevin. Grandmother of 18. Great-grandmother of 24. Great-great-grandmother of eight.

MAY, Mary Catherine, 85, Sacred Heart, Terre Haute, March 12. Mother of Mary Lou, Don and Joe May. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of three.

MILLER, Carolyn A., 68, St. Anthony, Indianapolis, March 3. Wife of Wayne D. Miller. Mother of Bernard and David Miller.

MITCHELL, Rena H., 69, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Feb. 24. Wife of Richard Mitchell. Mother of Pam Broschart and Kim Pope. Sister of Roy Hensley. Grandmother of five.

MOELLER, Mary Louise, 75, St. Anne, Hamburg, March 9. Mother of Diane Bedel, Dennis and Stephen Moeller. Sister of Joann Lecher, Patricia Wessler and Cyril Schebler. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of two.

NAVILLE, Allis M., 90, Holy Family, New Albany, March 11. Sister of Herbert and Herman Bowen.

PAPPAS, James V., Sr., 83, St. Joseph, Indianapolis, March 7. Father of Anna Marie Drake, Antoinette Hammans, Marianne King, Karen St. Clair, Christopher and James Pappas Jr. Brother of Thomas Pappas. Grandfather of 13. Great-grandfather of seven.

PRICHARD, Diane Marie (Bradford), 57, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Feb. 27. Mother of Amanda Cain, Dustin and Scott Prichard. Sister of Susanne Bartucca, Cherie Rhoads, Cathy, David, John and Mark Bradley. Grandmother of five.

RAVER, Larry A., 62, St. Louis, Batesville, March 14. Husband of Joyce Raver. Father of Chris, Jonathan and Tonya Raver. Brother of Laverne Urdal, Ruth Anne Watson and Robert Raver.

SCHWEGMAN, Marie H., 90, St. Mary-of-the-Rock, Franklin County, March 11. Sister of Alma Bruns. Aunt of several.

SHANKS, Wilbur, 83, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Feb. 7. Husband of Betty Shanks. Father of Terri Richards and Phyllis Walker. Grandfather of three. Great-grandfather of four.

SHEPHERD, Harold James, 71, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, March 5. Husband of Sondra Shepherd. Father of Brad Shepherd. Stepfather of Susan Richards, Mike and Patrick Workman. Brother of Iva Dalton, Kenneth and Robert Shepherd. Grandfather of six.

STEPHENS, Verona Lily (Wills), 90, St. Paul, Tell City, March 1. Wife of Walter Eugene Stephens. Mother of Sharon Carson, Brenda Ferriolio, Janet Wheeler and Steve Wills. Grandmother of 12. Great-grandmother of 16. Great-great-grandmother of one.

STEVELY, Mary M., 68, Prince of Peace, Madison, March 1. Wife of Don Stevely. Mother of J.B. Greene, Barbara Stevens, Jackie Thurston, Patti Wallace and Tom Stevely. Sister of Alfred, Richard and Vincent Goebel. Grandmother of eight.

STURM, Walter A., 87, Holy Name of Jesus, Beech Grove, Feb. 28. Husband of Margaret Sturm. Father of Jim, Mark, Paul, Peter, Philip and Tom Sturm.

TOLLE, Marilyn Ann (Koetter), 43, St. John the Baptist, Starlight, March 11. Mother of Sarah Ann Tolle. Daughter of Betty (Kruer) Koetter. Sister of Susan Fields, Darlene Kuzmic, David, Mark, Raymond and Regis Koetter. Stepdaughter of Theresa Koetter.

TOSCHLOG, Vicky, 43, St. Andrew, Richmond, March 6. Daughter of Lorin and Marilyn Toschlog. Sister of Debi Brim, Carla Calvelage, Lori Roots, Sandy Seider and Darin Toschlog.

TOWNSEND, Joann Marguerite (Felske), 75, SS. Francis and Clare, Greenwood, Feb. 27. Wife of Richard Townsend. Mother of Jan Bailey, Judy Raker and Jeff Townsend. Sister of Bernardine Cosgrove. Grandmother of nine.

TYNER, Rosella M., 92, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, March 3. Mother of Thomas Tyner. Grandmother of one.

UHLMAN, Alfred W., 78, St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg, March 12. Husband of Virginia Uhlman. Father of Diana Dickson, Althea Tomijima, Janice, Dewayne, Matt and Todd Dickson. Brother of Grace Murakami, Jean Weaver, Harold, John and Russell Uhlman. Grandfather of eight.

ULLRICH, John F., 88, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Aurora, March 1. Husband of Nettie Ullrich. Father of John, Kevin, Nicholas, Roger and William Ullrich. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of nine. Great-great-grandfather of one.

WALSH, Phillip Andrew, 45, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, March 14. Husband of Diana R. Walsh. Father of Katelyn, Kathleen, Kelly and Phillip Walsh. Son of Phillip E. Walsh. Brother of Marianne Agresta, Karen Roeder, Cathy Stoltz, Jennifer, Jim, Joe and Mike Walsh. Grandson of Connie Taylor. Grandfather of three.

WATHEN, Betty V., 77, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, March 8. Wife of Leonard Wathen. Mother of Kathleen Foster, Rebecca Murphy, Vicki, James and Michael Wathen. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of two.

WILT, Mary (Bonifas), 92, St. Anne, New Castle, Feb. 24.

WORLAND, Vincent L., 90, St. Joseph, Shelbyville, March 3. Father of Noell Krughoff, Sue Ann Torelli and Peter Worland. Brother of Pauline Buckley and Franciscan Sister Noel Marie Worland. Grandfather of 12. Great-grandfather of three.

YING, Mary Pittman, 88, St. Joan of Arc, Indianapolis, March 10. Mother of Bonita, Elizabeth, Darral and Leott Ying. Grandmother of 13. Great-grandmother of 13. †

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