March 9, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Memo to legislators: Covenant of marriage is between one man and one woman

We have made our feelings known to the Indiana General Assembly, and wanted to share our letter to them with readers of The Criterion:

For the sake of children, that they not be scandalized, and for many important reasons, please do not legalize same-sex marriage.

Do not place into law that which we know for sure our children will imitate as they do with all conduct of adults. It will teach them an erroneous, distorted view of marriage. This type of legalization of same-sex marriage seeks to discredit all current marriages as homophobic and therefore shameful.

If you legalize same-sex marriage, it will be taught in our public schools as a moral good. You must understand this will be disgraceful to every straight person in the State of Indiana.

Christians support a ban on same-sex marriage and the preservation of one man and one woman marriages as we have always known them.

- Zita Rosner, Indianapolis

- Dolores Kesterson, Indianapolis

- Zita Carroll, Greenwood

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