August 25, 2006

My Journey to God

The Wooden Cross

I push open the door …
there’s no one there
and yet ... I feel his presence there.

I raise my head
and my eyes are locked
upon the mighty wooden cross.

My King, my Savior,
my Lord, my God,
I am in awe of your powerful love.

I walk down the aisle and find a seat.
I sit there quietly
and I feel complete.

I feel enveloped with His Love,
and I wonder how it can be
that my Lord would die for me?

Am I worthy,
is mankind,
to accept the gift as when Jesus died?

And yet, the answer is there before me ...
so loved, so cared for, so precious am I.
I am in my Lord’s presence before my King’s eyes.

I look up above at the powerful cross
and I continue to be enveloped in His mighty Love.

By Nicola Rose Vogel

(Nicola Vogel is a member of St. Bartholomew Parish in Columbus.) †


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