August 25, 2006

Be Our Guest / Steve and Yvonne Ray

Marriage Encounter Weekend
shares message of love and purpose

A sacrament full of graces and gifts waiting to be released. This is what my husband, Steve, and I took away from our Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend, plus a whole lot more.

For 16 years, we had walked hand-in- hand through our journey looking and searching for the real purpose in our relationship.

Of course, we knew it was partially to help one another through this life, hopefully bring children into the world and send them out into the world as productive, faithful Christians. But wasn’t there more? It seemed there should be more joy and fulfillment.

For those 16 years, we walked with love and faith, and often failed and picked ourselves back up again. But what was it that kept giving us the strength to try again when other marriages gave up?

Our Marriage Encounter Weekend answered these questions, and many more, through Scripture and the deep sharings of our presenting team on our weekend.

We were given a message of love and purpose from our heavenly Father, along with the opportunity to enrich and strengthen our sacrament of matrimony on this weekend.

We learned that we are a living, breathing sacrament every day, and God calls us to shine our light of love in an apostolic way to all those around us in our lives.

What a difference a weekend can make in our journey!

Part of our apostolic calling is to share this weekend experience with other married couples so they can gain strength in knowledge of the graces and gifts their sacrament holds.

The discovery of God’s plan for our sacrament of matrimony is awesome and life-giving.

The next opportunity to experience the weekend is Oct. 13-15. For more information, call Steve and Yvonne Ray at 812-246-0126 or visit

(Steve and Yvonne Ray are members of St. Paul Parish in Sellersburg.) †

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