August 18, 2006

My Journey to God

Birthday Questions

How am I doing, Lord? How far off track am I?
Thirty-seven years old today, am I any closer to knowing the way?

Are you disappointed or are you pleased?
Am I following your will or am I being deceived?

Lord, you are my Savior and my salvation, this I understand.
But am I doing your will or just what I command?

My wife and my children are undeniable gifts from you.
Am I treating them right? Do I really know what to do?

Am I too wrapped up in the world? Am I wasting all my time?
Do I understand your will for me? Will I be left behind?

How many opportunities have I missed?
How many more will go by?
Is it time for me to slow down? Am I truly not afraid to die?
Will I ever grow up or will I continue to put me first?
Will I ever see life through your eyes?
Will you ever quench my thirst?

Lord, I do strive to live with you each day.
Thank you, Lord, for my life and for helping me this day!


By Greg Hublar

(Greg Hublar is a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in New Albany. He wrote this poem last year on his birthday.) †


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