August 11, 2006

My Journey to God

The Pruning

Would you look at that tree!
Dead limbs, dried leaves
Struck by lighting.
“Can it be saved?”
I think as I carry the pruning tools.

I cut away the withered parts
Noticing the small green shoots
Attempting to struggle into the light,
Thirsting for water.

Life has rocked me.
I feel struck by lighting.
“Can I be saved?”
I think as I begin to read my
Prayer book.

Parts of my being that I
Thought impossible to
Be without
Have been cut away.

Yet, my soul struggles
In this new life to
Reach for the
Light and living water
That is God.

By Trudy Bledsoe

(Trudy Bledsoe is a member of St. Christopher Parish in Indianapolis and the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites at the Monastery of the Resurrection in Indianapolis. Her poem is based on John 15:3, from the parable of the vine and the branches, which reads, “You are already pruned because of the word that I spoke to you.”) †


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