August 4, 2006

My Journey to God


If I could nominate a day
To honor what we cherish most,
The dawn would have to greet us with
A rainbow spanning coast to coast.

Our feathered friends would sing a tune
Reminding all, be thankful for
The gifts of choice, forgiven sins,
Our daily bread and so much more.

Our pain would simply melt away,
Replaced by understanding Light,
A gift from God to all of us.
At last, we see his strength and might.

When sometimes there is little else,
The gift of Love for all to share.
When strangers meet and understand,
Exchanging names then souls to bare.

The day would be a healing time,
And giving thanks for all we know.
Our smiles would be contagious,
Cost nothing and easy to show.

And then at dusk, this day of joy
Brings blessings for family and friends,
The message “Love one another,”
The day would close with loud “Amens.”

By Beatrice B. Stires

(Beatrice B. Stires is a member of St. Michael Parish in Greenfield.) †


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