July 7, 2006

Hurrle named Scecina High School’s director of alumni relations

By John Shaughnessy

As a longtime football coach, Ott Hurrle understands the importance of moving talented people from one position to another to meet the needs of the team.

“When you’re part of a family or a team, you do what’s needed,” said Hurrle, a coach, teacher and administrator at Father Thomas Scecina Memorial High School in Indianapolis.

So Hurrle has recently become Scecina’s director of alumni relations as the school begins its search process for his successor as athletic director, a position he has held since 2000. Hurrle will also continue as a teacher and the head football coach at the eastside school.

“I’ve enjoyed my years as athletic director and I’ll miss that, but this should be helpful for the school and I’m happy to do it,” said Hurrle, a 1970 graduate of Scecina. “It’s something new, something different. I’m kind of excited.

“My real hope is to get the alumni more actively involved in the school—the old ‘time, talents and treasures’ approach, like they say. At the same time, I want to keep the alumni more informed about what we’re doing at the school.”

Hurrle’s relationships and connections with Scecina’s alumni, parents and friends make him a natural selection for developing the school’s alumni association, according to Scecina’s president, Kevin Caspersen.

“We commend Ott for his many accomplishments as athletic director and thank him for his continuing commitment to Scecina,” Caspersen said. “We look forward to the important work he will be doing to strengthen our alumni association.”

For Hurrle, it’s another way to serve the school he loves, the school where he has taught, coached and led in different ways for about 30 years.

“I love Scecina,” he said. “It’s a real tight family to me. It’s done so much for me through my life.
When I went there as a freshman, I met people who had profound influences on me and convinced me to go into education. Scecina has taught me how to live a good life and how to be good to people. In return, people have been good to me.” †


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