June 30, 2006

My Journey to God

Lead Me

Death, gently take me by the hand.
Escort me past the halls of fear.
Guide me along the path of peace,
Where there’s no need to shed a tear.

Explain, again, the place I seek
Is better than the one I know.
Have patience with me on this walk.
I may be tired, I may be slow.

Death, sail me on a raft of light,
Where shadows cannot lurk and hide.
Reveal the life awaiting me,
When doubt and gloom are set aside.

Death, with your help, a chapter ends
With questions answered, pardoned sins.
Now then, lead me to the threshold.
Let God’s mercy invite me in.

By Beatrice B. Stires

(Beatrice B. Stires is a member of St. Michael Parish in Greenfield.)


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