May 26, 2006

My Journey to God

The Glorious Mysteries

The Resurrection

Speculation turns to fear
At the words, “He is not here.”
Yet the women hear Christ say:
“Follow me, I am the Way.”

The Ascension

Christ ascends without warning
Once again, cause for mourning,
As Apostles, unprepared,
Call to mind the wonders shared.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, Wisdom’s source,
Strengthen us to stay the course.
Comfort souls, make bright the way,
In your flame refine our clay.

The Assumption

Heaven’s Queen, earth’s silent Gem,
There for Him since Bethlehem,
Pondering, accepts her role,
Bending down to aid each soul.

The Coronation

We rejoice as she is crowned,
Radiant, demure, profound.
How can we in words express
Homage due such blessedness?

By Dorothy M. Colgan

(Dorothy M. Colgan is a member of St. Meinrad Parish in St. Meinrad)


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