May 12, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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The Da Vinci Code’s lies not worth supporting

On May 19, The Da Vinci Code movie comes to theaters.

We have heard a lot about the anti-Christian and anti-Catholic dialogues in the book, but the overall purpose for the story is in Chapter 74. It is all about sex!

Dan Brown’s fictional story discredits the divinity of Jesus, the integrity of the Apostles and the authenticity of the New Testament.

The Catholic Church is presented as a major obstacle which has tried to control our spiritual access to God. Brown concludes that by eliminating the Catholic Church as the sole conduit to God, mankind can be free at last to commune directly with God through sex. In the story, it is ritualized, illicit, group sex.

It is good to hear that Archbishop Angelo Amato, secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican, is urging Catholics to boycott the film. A financially successful Da Vinci Code movie would just ensure that we would have more of the same.

As for me and my family, we will follow the archbishop’s request and boycott.

- Michael Chamblee, Nashville

Thanks for dialogue related to etiquette

I was pleasantly surprised, but a little flabbergasted when I read the various articles and letters published about proper Church etiquette.

Surprised, because the problem has been occurring for a number of years without any Church representatives or officials commenting to any great extent. I have to conclude that the problem has become so prevalent to most people that someone, at least at The Criterion, made a decision (of courage) to print some comments on proper dress and behavior for Mass.

When I read the first article about the matter, I also knew The Criterion would be receiving the usual letters, which would state in so many words, that “. . . God does not care what I wear to Mass.”

And, low-and-behold, in the April 28 issue, there it was!

However, in that letter, the writer did not mention children running up and down the aisle during Mass, nor did he mention that since God did not mind what clothes he wore, he did not see anything wrong with wearing shorts, garden clothes, golfing clothes or “rags” to wedding Masses, funeral Masses, holy day Masses or ordination Masses. Since he did not mention these situations, I assume that he feels that since God does not care, anything goes!

I’m sure that someone more informed and articulate than I could explain that while God may not care what you wear to Mass, he might appreciate an individual going to a small degree of effort to dress accordingly, and also the respect that the individual is showing. Perhaps some clergy could indicate the individual might feel that he is showing a little respect for God, and the sacrifice that he made for mankind.

I would surely be pleased to hear the clergy boost up the courage to diplomatically touch on this subject during or before Mass. Sometimes, I have the feeling that they are fearful of offending us, and do not want anyone to feel guilty.

Thanks for printing the articles relating to proper etiquette.

- James H. Drummond, Indianapolis


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