April 7, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Parents banding together can make a difference

An amazing thing happened this past week.

Parents spoke out on behalf of their religious beliefs and they were heard.

Wednesdays have traditionally been respected as “Church Day” in the Batesville area. Many of the area churches have either religious education classes or services on Wednesday evenings.

Although things have become a little lax within the past few years, it is still generally agreed that no major school programs, sporting events, practices, etc., be planned for Wednesday evenings.

Inadvertently, a music program was scheduled by the intermediate school for the Wednesday of Holy Week. Perhaps it was thought that with the importance of the religious services scheduled for Holy Thursday and Good Friday that Wednesday would not pose a conflict.

Parents immediately reacted to this turn of events, and by the time we, as religious administrators in our respective churches, learned about it, the problem was already resolved.

The program was rescheduled to a non-conflicting time because of the many phone calls.

May parents everywhere realize that, by banding together and sticking up for their religious beliefs and rights, they can make a difference in the secular culture in which we live.

-Theresa Bedel, administrator of religious education, Holy Family Parish, Oldenburg

-Terri Meyer, coordinator of religious education, St. Louis Parish, Batesville


Human interest stories very much appreciated

What a joy to read John Shaughnessy’s well-crafted human interest stories in The Criterion!

They portray vivid examples of people who try to follow Christ in today’s world.

How inspiring!

-Margaret Nelson, Indianapolis


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