October 28, 2005

My Journey to God

Dawn Is a Wondrous Thing

A thousand-thousand coral dawns have swept
A rosy veil across the porcelain world.
A thousand-thousand lucent rains have wept
Their crystal tears to leave the earth impearled.

Transcendent, blazing, the Creator’s sun
Diffuses heat that keeps the earth alive,
Bestowing light and beauty from the One
In whose benevolence His beings thrive.

His planets glide through orbits He contrived
Eons ago in the glance of an eye.
Awed by the galaxies our Lord devised,
We thrill to the rose of His dawning sky.

In humble homage, we, His children, kneel
Before the wonders that His dawns reveal.

By Anna-Margaret O’Sullivan

(Anna-Margaret O’Sullivan is a member of St. Rose of Lima Parish in Franklin.)

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