October 21, 2005

My Journey to God

Life's Purpose

“What’s my purpose, God?” I asked. “Could you give me a clue?”
He showed me different scenes that hinted at what I’m meant to do.

He showed me a bus stop, where a lawyer stood next to a homeless man.
“So I’m to be a lawyer?”
“No, you’re to help the homeless any way you can.”

He showed me a nurse taking the pulse of a woman at a nursing home.
“So I’m to be a nurse?”
“No, you’re to visit those who ache from being alone.”

He showed me a playground where children played;
one child stood by herself.
“So I’m to be a teacher?”
“No, you’re to offer a hurting child your help.”

“I’m confused,” I said to God. “I want to know what I’m meant to be.
“What job will fulfill the purpose you had when you took the time to make me?”

God smiled and looked me in the eyes with the love of a father or mother.
“Your purpose, my child, is not the job you do, but the love you show to others.”

By Natalie DeHart

(Natalie DeHart is a member of St. Monica Parish in Indianapolis.)

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