September 9, 2005

My Journey to God

In Memoriam

(For the victims of Hurricane Katrina)

Death is the blossom, life the stem—
One breath will touch the two of them.
Forevermore the bloom will live
Reflecting what the stem could give.
No matter length or breadth of shaft
But depth of truth from which it quaffed.

O ageless flower, withered stem,
How sweet the scent of requiem.


A Touching Scene

(For all those affected by the hurricane)

Jostled, trampled, threatened,
Intent, she held her ground.
She reached, she touched His robe.
She uttered not a sound.

“Who touched me?” asked the Lord.
There was no place to hide.
She knelt, she sobbed, she prayed.
The crowd watched open-eyed.

Skeptics now were silenced,
The meek stood tall and bold.
She had felt His mercy,
The number touched—untold.

By Dorothy M. Colgan

 (Dorothy M. Colgan is a member of St. Meinrad Parish in St. Meinrad.)

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