August 19, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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There were no letters to the editor this week, so here are last week's letters:


Wants more coverage of social justice issues

After reading the Catholic News Service column by Tony Magliano in the July 8 issue of The Criterion, we contacted him by e-mail and complimented him for his column. His column contained many truths about our country and our government that need to be shared with people on a regular basis.

Many Americans are not even aware of the increase in poverty in this country, the gradual decline in real wages over the past 30 years or the disappearance of numerous good jobs. These are but a few of the many legitimate social issues in this country today.

We appreciate that The Criterion printed the Magliano column, and we encourage you to continue to do so on a regular basis. We understand he publishes a column bi-weekly and we would love to see it in The Criterion every other week.

The three letters to the editor in the July 22 issue of The Criterion prove that we need to read more of Mr. Magliano. The first two letters recognize that many social justice issues and needs exist in this country and in the world. The authors of those letters obviously would like to read more of Mr. Magliano. The third letter was critical of Mr. Magliano, and while we support the right of the author of that letter to express his opinion, we respectfully disagree with him. We believe Mr. Magliano set forth the truth in his letter and we Catholics need to hear more of it.

We need to study the papal encyclicals on social justice from “Rerum Novarum” (“On Capital and Labor”) in 1891 to “Centesimus Annus” (1991) (On the 100th anniversary of “Rerum Novarum”). These encyclicals support such things as a living wage and not just a minimum wage. They also support the proposition that a working person should be paid enough to support himself or herself and their family, and have a little left for savings.

We have ignored the teachings of the Church on many important social issues for too long, and we need to read about all of them in our Catholic paper.

-Ed and Valerie Fillenwarth, Indianapolis


Disagrees with columnist’s view of America

I would like to personally thank The Criterion for printing the response to Tony Magliano’s column titled, “Facing America’s faults.” I’m referring to Mark R. Gasper’s response in the July 22 Criterion.

Magliano is like so many liberals that condemn America for so many things, yet this country is the light of the world. Many people flee their country just for the chance to be all they can.

We sure don’t have all the answers, but we have more than any other country in the world.

President Lyndon Johnson in his “war on poverty” could not prevent or pull these people up by taking funds from the hard-working citizens and giving them to the poor.

Corporations are in the business of making profits, and they provide jobs to workers and shareholders. Government cannot create jobs.

There is no provision in the U.S. Constitution that people have a right to health care. That is the responsibility of the individual.

Magliano wants to have “big government” provide all things to all people—a Big Brother attitude.

Concerning Africa, all the money in the U.S. Treasury will not erase the poverty in Africa as long as there are repressive governments that take and steal and abuse their own appeal.

The war on terror really should not be happening, according to Magliano.

The trouble with our country is people like Magliano who believe that the answer to all the ills of our country is big government. What we need is less government, less taxes, fewer laws, a Supreme Court that protects the right of all—even babies have a right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

-Bob Butcher, Brownstown


Wedding attire should be more modest

Once again, The Criterion has shown a wedding party in immodest attire, this time in the fall Marriage Supplement. The bride has on a strapless gown. She should have a high neckline and long sleeves like they did in yesteryear.

Strapless gowns should not be allowed in church and especially in a wedding. We have to uphold Christian modesty, especially in church, and what better place to start than in the Catholic media.

-Al Scheller, Elizabethtown


Magazine can help ­foster prayer life

In recent issues of The Criterion, there was an article and letters discussing the Liturgy of the Hours. For anyone who is unable to participate in the full Divine Office, there is a wonderful little pocket-size magazine available by mail monthly that follows the daily liturgy. It has morning and evening prayers drawn from the Liturgy of the Hours and texts of the daily Mass, in addition to meditations and essays on the lives of the saints.

The name of the magazine is the Magnificat. There are 14 issues per year (an extra issue for Advent and Lent) for $39.95. It can be ordered by phone at 866-273-5215 or by Internet at

It is one of the best-kept secrets around for busy Catholics who want to stay in tune with faith on a daily basis. It is a wonderful publication, and I highly recommend it.

-Mary Ann Seufert, Indianapolis


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