August 5, 2005

The Lord's Warrior

Who among you is up to the task
to undertake a feat where only
the honorable, strong-hearted
and true will last?
Who is the foe? I hear you cry.
The foe my friend, is you and I.
We can make a difference
if only we try …
Did you know that your smile
can defeat the pain of loneliness?
Did you know that your kind words
can make all the difference in the world?
Did you know that by welcoming
a person into your midst you
can make their heart leap with joy—
whether man or woman, girl or boy?
So, before you turn your head away
from that certain person who walks your way,
or say the words you know Jesus would not say …
Stop … smile … and remind yourself
that you are “the Lord’s warrior”
and you will not let evil
reign your day …

By Nicola Rose Vogel

(Nicola Rose Vogel is a member of St. Bartholomew Parish in Columbus and is a lay student at Saint Meinrad School of Theology. This photograph of a crucifix was taken at Calvary Cemetery in Terre Haute.)

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