August 5, 2005

Daily Mass intentions for archdiocese’s
World Youth Day pilgrimage

Aug. 11: Basilica of St. Paul, Outside the Walls, Rome
For the conversion of those who do not know Christ or His Church.

Aug. 12: Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi
For world peace, especially in the Middle East.

Aug. 13: Basilica of St. Peter, Rome
For the seminarians of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

Aug. 14: Buon Pastore, Rome
For an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Aug. 15: Cruise Ship, Rhine River
For all couples preparing to receive the sacrament of holy matrimony.

Aug. 16: Cologne, Germany
World Youth Day Opening Mass with Cardinal Meisner
For the sick and homebound.

Aug. 17: Cologne, Germany
For all the religious sisters and priests in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

Aug. 18: Cologne, Germany
For all the laity who minister and volunteer in our parishes.

Aug. 19: Cologne, Germany
For an increased love of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and for all those who will receive their first Holy Communion in the upcoming year.

Aug. 20: Cologne, Germany
For Pope Benedict XVI.

Aug. 21: Cologne, Germany
Closing Mass with Pope Benedict XVI
For the youth and young adults of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

Aug. 22: Cologne, Germany
For the priests of the archdiocese.


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